Incorporated as a Non-Profit Organization, The Mississauga Jets Hockey Club has enjoyed over 4 decades as an “AA” entry in the GTHL.  From our humble beginning in the Malton area, The Jets are now proud to be playing out of 2 state of the art facilities, Iceland and Paramount Fine Foods Centre.  We are represented at every age group from Minor Atom to Midget in the highly competitive “AA” level. 


  • To ensure growth and development in hockey at a high level.
  • Foster individual feelings of belonging and self-worth.
  • To develop community spirit and encourage a spirit of sportsmanship, ethics and fair play among all players, coaches and parents.
  • To carry on the operations of the Club without financial gain or benefit to any of its members.
  • To provide an environment that supports family values and promotes the advancement of life skills.
  • To use all revenues for the promotion of these objectives.


Its Executive, comprised of the President, Lloyd Stockley, the General Manager, Tim Truckle, the Treasurer and Directors, directs the Jets.  All members of the Executive and coaching staff are volunteers.  The Executive and its Directors are primarily responsible for reviewing the overall performance of The Club and its Teams on an ongoing basis.  These include reviewing and approving: 

  • The Club’s budget
  • Individual team budgets, financial statements, operating policies.
  • Club Official’s performance of their duties and responsibilities.
  • Club and team fundraising.
  • Matters relating to GTHL rules and regulations.
  • Selection of Head Coaches.


Registration for the 2022-2023 season will be $1,650.00 per player.  Goalies will pay $1,600.00/goalie and an additional discount of $50.00 will be given if more than one player per family is registered with The Jets.  Upon being registered with the Mississauga Jets, players/parents will be expected to pay 50% of the registration fee by May 31, 2022 with balance being due by September 30, 2022 for the U14 to U18 age groups and 50% of the registration fee by September 30, 2022 with the balance being due by December 31, 2022 for the U10 to U13 age groups.  Any players signed after the afore mentioned deadlines will be expected to submit payment in full.  Individual team fees, sponsorship and fundraising are in addition to registration fees and are handled on a team-by-team basis.  Parents/players, however, will receive a proposed team budget and can expect to see a minimum of 3 financial statements and year-end statement showing full disclosure of allocated team funds.  Copies of these documents will be given to the Executive of The Jets.  Your registration fee includes: 

  • Use of Club equipment equipment bag, home/away jerseys and socks.
  • Team picture.
  • Minimum of 1.5 hours of practice ice.
  • Subsidized entry into 1 tournament ($900.00/tournament) The Mississauga Early Bird.
  • GTHL Registration Fees/Insurance

Team Official’s Code

A maximum of 5 members may be carded by the GTHL.  These include the Head Coach, 2 Assistant Coaches, 1 Trainer and 1 Manager.

  • It is the responsibility of each member to learn the Club’s policies and procedures.

All policies and procedures are expected to be adhered to.  Failure to do so may result in suspension or termination.

  • The Head Coach is appointed by the Executive and is responsible for selecting his/her staff members.  Final approval to card all Team Officials is that of the Executive.
  • All Team Officials must have attended a Speak Out course (including Abuse and Harassment) before their card will be registered with the GTHL.
  • Team Officials must show respect to all players, parents and other League Officials.
  • Head Coaches must hold Intermediate Level Coaching Certificate in all age groups above Bantam.
  • A Level I Trainers Certificate is the minimum requirement for carded Trainers.

Parent/Guardian Code

  • All parents/guardians shall adhere to the Club policies and procedures.
  • All parents/guardians are obligated to remain positive and show respect at all times.
  • Any disagreements will be dealt with as per Club and GTHL policies and procedures.
  • Any parent/guardian who acts in a manner that contradicts Club and GTHL policies and procedures may have his/her son or daughter suspended from their Team for a period of time deemed appropriate by the Executive and the Team Officials.

Player’s Code

  • Player’s will show respect to all Club Officials and Team Officials.
  • Player’s will abide by all Team rules.
  • Player’s will abide by all Club and GTHL policies and procedures.
  • Refrain from the use of alcohol and illegal substances.
  • Players are a direct representation of the Team and Club.  Their demeanor on and off the ice will adhere to all the limits that encompass the “Fair Play” code of conduct.

A player’s misconduct relating to Club and Team policies and procedures may result in suspension or release.

Team Associated Issues

The Mississauga Jets Hockey Club allows freedom to Teams to set individual Team policies and procedures within the boundaries of the Club standards.  Discussion is encouraged with the Head Coach on their respective Team Policies and procedures.

Team Meetings

The Head Coach/Manager shall be responsible for providing opportunity for Team meetings.

Ice Time

The Head Coach is responsible for the allocation of ice time, having regard to the best interests of the Team.  Matters relating to this issue shall be dealt with in a professional manner.  Any player denied ice time is entitled to an explanation for such decision.

Dress Code

All Team Officials are to wear “Jet” jackets which are the responsibility of the team to provide..  Player’s dress code is determined by individual Team policies.

Player Injury

The Head Coach may suspend play of any injured player.  Concussion related injuries require a doctor’s note before any player can resume play in a practice or game.


Club supplied equipment is to be returned to the Head Coach of each team at the conclusion of their season.  Any damaged/altered equipment is to be repaired/replaced at the expense of the parent/guardian. 

Team Finances

Team Bank Accounts 

  • Each Team will maintain a bank account under the Team’s name.
  • All cheques and withdrawals from the account shall require the signature of the Team Manager together with one other person selected to represent 75% of the players on the Team.  Alternate signing officers can be designated to sign in the absence of the primary signing officers.  The banking information shall be provided to the Club upon request.

Preliminary Team Budget

  • The Club approved preliminary Team Budget will be provided to a parent/guardian of each proposed player prior to the date fixed for signing of the player’s registration card.
  • The parent/guardian must acknowledge in writing that he/she has received a copy of the preliminary Team Budget by submitting a signed Acknowledgment of receipt to the Club.

Final Team Budget

  • The Head Coach or Team Manager will submit the Final Team Budget to the Club and a parent/guardian of each player prior to the commencement of the GTHL season.
  • Changes, if any, to the preliminary Team Budget will be highlighted and appropriate explanations shall be provided.  Clerical errors are exempt from this requirement.

Surplus Funds

  • If there is a surplus of funds to a Team at the close of the GTHL season, the surplus will be used in such a manner as the parents/guardian representing 75% of the players on the team reasonably determine.
  • If the parent/guardian representing 75% of the players fails to make such determination by April 15 of the same season, the surplus funds shall be transferred to the Club for safekeeping.  Following receipt of substantially all the registration cards for the Team for the following season, the surplus funds will be returned to the Team and shall be used to offset the season’s expenses.

Permission to Skate

Permission to skate with OMHA or Alliance teams shall be granted and will only be binding if signed by the President or General Manager. 

Affiliated Players

The Mississauga Jets Hockey Club is represented at all age groups at the “AA” level within the GTHL.  For the current season our affiliation will be:

  • U10 (Minor Atom) to U11(Atom)
  • U11 (Atom) to U12 (Minor Peewee)
  • U12 (Minor Peewee) to U13 (Peewee)
  • U13 (Peewee) to U14 (Minor Bantam)
  • U14 (Minor Bantam) to U15 (Bantam)
  • U15 (Bantam) to U16 (Minor Midget)
  • U16 (Minor Midget) to U17 (Midget Jr). and U18 (Midget)

It is the responsibility of the Head Coach to support these affiliations.

Dispute Resolution

Any Team related disputes shall be dealt with your Head Coach.  All Teams and members are urged to abide by the “24 hour Rule” which allows all parties to consider all relevant information void of negative emotion.  An additional 5 days should be granted for a resolution.  Any unresolved disputes can then be presented to the General Manager in writing or via e-mail.  A response can be expected within 48 hours. 

General Manager

Tim Truckle

3411 Drummond Rd.

Mississauga, Ontario.

L5L 4G9

Phone: (416) 579-8235


Refund Policy

If a player is released by the Club prior to December 15 in the 2022/2023 year, the Club shall reimburse to the player a portion of the registration fees paid.  Team fees (excluding corporate sponsorship) shall be reimbursed on a similar pro rata basis.

Registration Fees Paid      X              # of games played by Team prior to Release

                                                                         32 Regular Season Games

If a release is mandated by the GTHL at any time or if a release is granted on or after December 16 in the 2022/2023 year the released player shall not be entitled to any repayment. 

A reimbursement will not be offered to any player that decides to relinquish his, her or their position with the Club.

Covid Refund Policy

In the event that the total number of regular season games is reduced from 32 as the result of a decision by the local public health agency or a decision by the Federal, Provincial and/or Municipal government, each player affected by such decision will be refunded a portion of the Players Registration Fee on a pro-rata basis.

Club Name and Logo

No unauthorized use of the Club name or logo is permitted.  All items with the Club logo must be authorized by the President or General Manager prior to its production.  The Club also reserves the right to control the size, appearance and content of advertising on Club jerseys and equipment.